Architecture Student Helps Design Sports Entertainment Complex

As a junior architecture major, Sara Cangarlu landed a full-time paid internship last year at a Washington, D.C., firm, where she was assigned to work on a major project — the design of a sports entertainment complex in Buffalo, NY.

Using skills she’d learned at the University’s School of Architecture and Planning, Cangarlu first started sketching designs on paper for a golf-themed complex that would feature a Retrofuturistic style. Next she worked on the computer, using a software program called Archicad to design rooms in the hotel that would be part of the complex.

During her internship, Cangarlu became a respected member of the team at CORE architecture + design and experienced firsthand the value of the University’s Integrated Path to Architecture Licensure (IPAL) program. Students in the program have to complete their coursework and the internships and six standardized exams required to become a licensed architect while they’re in school.

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